Appreciation of a piece of art is a matter of taste. For generations, at Le Chateau we inherited the love and appreciation of authentic bronze chandeliers. We put our passion in every single chandelier we design, produce & decorate offering our clients a new piece of art that you'll be proud to own and pass it on to future generations. Our "Les Bronzes Francais" line is a collection of chandeliers and accessories inspired by French bronze arts of the XVII century that started in late 19th century and still evolving every day.

We use a combination of traditional and modern manufacturing techniques along with high handcraftsmanship to deliver you a timeless piece of art that will add elegance and style to your home. Our Products were made using the finest brass alloys in every casted part to ensure the highest quality and the best finished product. Our appreciation for antique chandeliers makes us focus on their highly detailed parts using “lost wax c asting” and goldsmiths to produce the most detailed parts of the chandelier. To ensure your family's safety we use the highest quality of electrical components. Visit our showroom to share our passion for bronze chandeliers and get inspired to start your own family tradition today and make it last for centuries to come.